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Brooke Shields’ Hot Lesbian Sessions

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Now I just love this MILF, and I’ve had a crush on her ever since her first nude scene in Pretty Baby.  But did you know that Brooke Shields had been doing nude scenes long before that, in photos taken when she was only 10 years old?  Talk about jailbait.  Now that she’s older, Brooke seems to have taken up a new hobby.  Back in 1998 she had the role of a lesbian in The Misadventures of Margaret, and it seems that lately she’s taken that role to heart and become an actual cunt-licker!

Yes, Brooke Shields is a lesbian, and what that does to her marriage with Chris Henchy is something I wonder about.  Maybe he should take the time to invite Brooke and her partners into bed with him so they could have a threesome?  Now that would be a really hot fuck session, with Brooke and another girl licking each other and squeezing each other’s titties while her hubby rams both her and then her partner.  That would definitely make him one of the luckiest guys in the world!  So if you feel the same about this hot MILF, you’d better check out this site, because it continually follows Brooke Shields’ career and not only that, it publishes all her nude pics too!